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Orange Votter

Votter is three objects related by colour. Two are handwarmers, designed to siphon surplus warm air from commercial urban buildings during non-business hours. The oval openings in the objects accept the cold hands of passersby in winter. Set on the sidewalk atop sawhorses and connected by hose to the exhaust vents of warm buildings (banks and stores), the handwarmers can be moved from location to location when opportunities arise.


The third object (Lung Bouquet) fills the space between the others.



stoneware and lead glazes

horizontal handwarmer      2 m l x 25 cm w x  35 cm h          72” l x 10” w x 14’ h 

vertical handwarmer          1 m h x 35 cm diameter                36” h x 14” diameter

Lung bouquet                       85 cm l x 45 cm w x  30 cm h       33” l x 18” w x 13” h

exhibited at the  Anna Leonowens Gallery, NSCAD, Halifax

© 2022 by Neil Forrest

photography by Neil Forrest

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