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Oslo's Basement
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Oslo’s Basement is a model of Oslo, capital of Norway, east from the noted Opera House to an historic and relocated medieval church of the city’s western end.


Within the narrative of this clay model, buildings of cultural distinction compensate for the trauma of other ones involved in the 2011 terrorist event in Norway.

Oslo's Basement_26A.jpg

Oslo is presented as a dimensional map, set on topography of rhythmic void spaces that pose the idea of a basement, a discounted element in the psychology of modern urban form. Four buildings are represented, two favourites carefully laid on their side, and two damaged in the July 22nd, terrorist attack remain upright.

Oslo's Basement_19A.jpg
Oslo's Basement_30A.jpg
Oslo's Basement_31A.jpg



2.5m l x 40 cm h x 120 cm w          

100” l x 16' h x 48" d

raw stoneware clay

© 2022 by Neil Forrest

With gratitude to Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHIO)

and assistance from


Knut Natvik in Keramikk, and


Jørn Mortensen, previously Dekan and Rektor

Photography by Neil Forrest

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