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Dennis Smith House

Dennis Smith House

interior steps

Dennis Smith House_4 copy.png

This interpretation of Dennis Smith’s childhood home is selected from 3 particular spaces: his attic crawl space, his basement bedroom and a room where he recovered from a difficult illness. For this exhibition, I asked Dennis Smith to provide a personal account of his childhood home, thinking I would model his home based on clues provided in his letter to me.


Ignoring the less revealing aspects of his house, the resulting structure became tilted and disoriented, leaving Dennis Smith to decode.

Dennis Smith House



30” L. x 23” W. x 24” H

72cmL x 58cmW x 61cmH

stoneware with lead and lithium glazes

exhibited at the Southwest School Of Art  San Antonio, TX


© 2022 by Neil Forrest

photography by Neil Forrest

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