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Rhizome corrected 3.jpg
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RHIZOME spreads as a carpet, having a less rhythmic program than other meshes. It follows the seeming disarray of natural systems.

Rhizome also acts as a map to connect areas of heightened activity, akin to the way that radial geometric figures of the Persian girih operate, which tend to harmonize with other self-same centres in their field.

Rhizome corrected 1.jpg



slip cast porcelain, glazes, Egyptian faience, vinyl tubing, steel

2.5 m l x 2.5 m w x 40 cm h

7.5’ l x 7.5’ w x 18” h

exhibited in  Re-Inventing Pleasure: Ornamentation

in Contemporary Ceramic Artat the San Diego State University Art Gallery, CA


© 2022 by Neil Forrest

photography by Ying-Yuen Chuang

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