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Coral Netting
Coral underlit_2.png

Coral Netting (above) is a consortium of fragments founded on irregular growth patterns of reefs. Plugged into each other, each element is works upward to a small number of ceiling fittings which suspend the entire group. Regeneration is nearby in any invocation of nature, and the coral organism possesses a kind of unique 'hermaphrodites’ aspect. 

Coral Netting   (above)     2001       porcelain, steel pins & vinyl tubing        90 cm l. x 83 cm h. x 34 cm d.         35" l. x 32" h. x 15" d.

Inverted Pond close.jpg
Coral Net_detail1.jpg

As a group, the Nets roll outward and finds form by the limits of the available volume of nodes.  The language of knots and sinews arise from a biophilic study of insect habitat, skeletal and root structures. The scaffolding system never permits contact amongst the individuals but moves as an interlacing mass. The nets are nomadic entities, making an ornament that is separate from the host structure.

Coral Net_detailBLUE1.jpg
Coral Net_detailBLUE2.jpg

various Netting




porcelain, steel pins & vinyl tubing

90 cm l x 83 cm h x 34 cm d 

35" l x 32" h x 15" d

© 2022 by Neil Forrest

Photography by Neil Forrest

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