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Long Trays

Yellow Tray_detail_WiX.jpg
Yellow Tray_WiX.jpg

The Long Trays are built with the template of the largest kiln shelves that I could source. The Trays are hollow-built to exactly fit the 120 cm long x 45 cm wide 'hollowcore' kiln shelves from Italy.

Orange Tray WIX.jpeg
Orange Tray detail_WiX.jpg

As practiced by the English China industry and the ekwc, the works are bisqued to maturity (stoneware) and glazed to the lower temperatures of modern lead glazes. The fluidity of the glaze colours is achieved by firing the trays on a slope in the kiln.


Long Trays



stoneware, lead glazes

115 cm l. x 45 cm w. x 14 cm h.    or    44’ l. x 18’ w. x 4’ h.

© 2022 by Neil Forrest


fabrication assistance Kaas Ghanie and glazing assistance by Julian Covey

Photography by Neil Forrest

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