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Thicket wiring 3 wix.png

THICKET is a landscape evocation, something fallen but reviving itself via new growth. The gothic mass reflects the asymmetrical growth compositions of nature and produced with the aid of an industrial extruder.

The felled, ox-blood carcasses attempt to remake themselves into a whole - the black wiring cluster is a reunification bid.

Thicket wiring wix2.jpg
Thicket wiring 4 wix.jpg
Thicket low wix 2.jpg



handbuilt & machine extruded stoneware, lead glazes, plastic tubing, clamps


3.6 m l x 3.8 m w x .6 m h

143”l x 150” w x 26” h

exhibited in the Mobile Structures exhibition at the Mackenzie Art Gallery 

Regina, SK

© 2022 by Neil Forrest

Steve Farmer, photography

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