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Pequod Chop

Our intention is to capture a liquid in a solid state, and for that we modelled an ocean's 'chop' in our simulation.

PEQUOD CHOP is a collaboration with Del Harrow and Neil Forrest

Software modelling of chop/waves and cabinet developed by Del Harrow.

Molds and ceramics made by me.

Pequod detail_1.jpg

Pequod Chop


stoneware clay, lead glazes, plywood, acrylic, LED lighting

2.5 m l x .6 m w x 1.8 m h

8’ l x 2’ w x 20’ h     

exhibited in  'Fabricating Ideas',  2010

The Grey Area  (gallery) 

Philadelphia PA

© 2022 by Neil Forrest

Photography by Neil Forrest

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