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Lily Pond
Lily Pond med_2.png
Lily Pond detail SM copy.tiff

Lily Pond is a series of trusses that connect and lift a cluster of lily plants and egg masses into a geometric arrangement. Wire cables attached to counterweights pull the pliant truss into a flat plane.


The pond’s perimeter is structural tubing. The wire cables that wrap over and below the tubing intend the flat plane of water level.


Lily Pond places ceramics in tension instead of compression - whereas compression typically serves the structural attributes of ceramics.

Lily Pond med_4.png
Lily Pond med_1.png
Lily Pond med_3.png
Pond Plan copy.jpg

Lily Pond         

digital truss

proposed media: porcelain, Egyptian faience, mortar, stainless steel wire & fittings

2.2 m l x 2.2 m w x 2m h        

8’ l x 8’ w x 6’ h

© 2022 by Neil Forrest

Drawings developed in the office of Philip Beesley 2000-01

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