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Primus Ordiri
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Primus Ordiri are porcelain frames that are the the size of A4 paper. My name and Bernard Palissy’s appear on top and bottom of each.   Palissy designed Catherine de Medici’s underground garden grotto for her Palace of the Tuileries, and he famously produced naturalistic ceramics of casting aquatic life for his remarkable and scientifically accurate ecologies on terra cotta platters.

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Primus Ordiri_Wix2.jpg

In Primus Ordiri, potassium chromate and chromium potassium sulfate crystals are cultured on porcelain rods, and suspended in the capsule-shaped frame.

Porcelain and CNC milled molds  fabricated by SangDuk YuMakersLab, Seoul, South Korea

Primus Ordiri_Wix4.jpg

Primus Ordiri  


30 cm h 21 cm w x 3.6 cm d

11" h x 8" w x 1.5 d

slip cast porcelain, cultivated crystals, Plexiglas, steel

© 2022 by Neil Forrest

exhibition titled Accessibility by Design,  Vulpes Bastile Gallery, Kansas City, MO

photography by Neil Forrest

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