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Two Sites with a Similar Problem

Two Sites with a Similar Problem portrays two different places, each with a unique catastrophe. One is the sound stage of musician Prince, which falls prey to a meteor strike and planetary visitors, and the other is a famous Mies van der Rohe house struck by a landslide.

The collaborative OortCloudX  (Neil Forrest and John Roloff), chose two personalities from popular culture and connected to architecture, and created a brief storyline for each. Common to each iconic site, is a co-relation to the Tora Bora cave-tunnel complex of Afghanistan.


Forrest illustrated the unanticipated arrival of a celestial body at Prince's Minneapolis property and Roloff rendered the geological instability of Mies' Farnsworth House.

1_Paisley_torra bora_1WIX.jpg

There are three elements at this site:  Prince’s studio, a planetary collision and almost hidden tunnels. Prince’s studio is transgressed by a ship's hull, a kind of metaphor for Prince's expansive imagination. The meteor is the ‘near disaster’...making a crater beside Prince's studio. The 'chorus' of astronauts who gather around the impact zone are the supporting cast who move the action along...a cartoon opera. Astronauts are without a home - the nomads of the universe.

1_Paisley_Jupiter crater_1WIX.jpg

The final element is the table and underneath, the tunnels at Tora Bora, formerly Bin Laden's headquarters in Afghanistan. The subconscious element is very often a threat.

Paisley Park at Two Sites, with astronauts & meteor, by Neil Forrest

installation dimensions 


5 m l x 3 m w  x 2 m h

19’ l x 10’ w x  6’ h

1_Paisley_Jupiter crater_2WIX.jpg
Two Sites, Paisley Park_1 copy.jpeg

Farnsworth, piano & tunnels by John Roloff.

Roloff finds a potential disaster for Mies van der Rohe's famed glass house, in which the Tora Bora tunnels penetrate. The house falls prey to a landslide as well, signalling its problematic role in the public's imagination.

drawing and photographic print wall

5 m l x 2.5 m h      19’ l x 8’ h

8 TwoSites_LgWall1b.jpg

Two Sites with a Similar Problem

OortCloudX    (Neil Forrest + John Roloff)


terra cotta, stoneware, drawings, photographic prints, tables, sandpaper, sand

© 2022 by Neil Forrest

solo exhibition at Rapson Library

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis,  2019

Two Sites with a Similar Problem  video of installation

Photography by Neil Forrest & John Roloff

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